Before booking

Q. I’m not sure if my driving license allows me to drive that kind of motorcyle in Italy. What can I do ?

A. Please contact us and we’ll try to help you understand what’s the best vehicle choice.

Q. I want to book from Bari airport / naval port (center town). How does it work ?

A. Whether you are arriving at Bari Palese Airport or Bari naval port (center town), our shuttle (mini bus) will transport you to our offices in Bari, where you’ll pick-up your vehicle and start your experience in Puglia. When your rental is over, you will drop-off at our office, arriving at least 20 minutes before the scheduled time for you presence at the airport / train station / naval port. This will allow our shuttle to carry you back to your departure point ( airport or naval port).

Q. I have special needs that are not covered by the online offer. Do you have custom solutions?

A. We might ! Drop us a line at info@garganorent.it and we’ll try to find a better solution for your transport and rental needs.

Booking and paying

Q. How can I pay my reservation online?

A. You can pay online EXCLUSIVELY with PayPal. PayPal is a reliable system and also protects you from scams and frauds. Know more about PayPal safety.

Q. Do I need to create a PayPal account to pay?

A. No, you only need a credit card. Know more about paying without creating a PayPal account.

Q. Can I pay with a bank transfer ?

A. If there’s absolutely no other way for you to pay, we can make an exception and accept payment with a bank transfer (we’ll send you the bank account details via email). Please note: once you confirm you want to pay by bank transfer, we’ll block the resources for a very limited time. After this period, if we have not yet received the bank transfer, we’ll release the resources and your booking will not be confirmed.

Q. Do I still need a credit card if I pay by bank transfer ?

A. Yes. A credit card is mandatory for cautionary deposit.

After booking

Q. I have booked but I haven’t received any email yet.

A. Please notice: your reservation is confirmed ONLY after paying. In order to avoid confusion, you will not receive any email before payment and your vehicle will be available for other rentals until you pay the entire reservation.

Q. My booking is confirmed. What do I need to bring the day of the pick-up ?

A. You will need to bring: a valid ID, a valid driver license (= a license that allows you to drive that motorcycle in Italy) and a credit card for the cautionary deposit. Please notice: no rechargeable or debit card, only credit cards are allowed.

Q. My booking is confirmed. Where do I go for the pick-up / drop-off of my vehicle ?

A. You will receive the exact address of the office for your pick-up/drop-off in your confirmation email.